We are a family owned and operated business created in 2010.  

We believe in the power of gear. The cool gear makes you out stand, while the right gear can simply be the difference between making it or not. 

We believe innovation, the latest technology and flawless design are key ingredients for great products.  

We are the official distributor for the Nitecore brand in the UK, the world's leading specialists for LED flashlights and the accessories. Our collection offers plenty of choices in size, operating preference, performance, and powering solution.  

Being part of the Nitecore distribution network, which covers more than 100 countries, we can proudly say we are delivering the right torch for any job.   

We have been also selling D2C for five years; it’s been a great opportunity for reaching new customers and growing our sales each month.  

Our aim is to provide efficient quality products that meet your needs, and we take pride in our ability to excel in our Customer Service and Support.  

Getting positive feedback and having satisfied customers with our products is critical, happy customers become advocates for the brands we promote and help us build trust and credibility on the market. 

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