Why Is Nitecore P20i The Ultimate Police Duty Torch in 2020

Why Is Nitecore P20i The Ultimate Police Duty Torch in 2020

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What makes the perfect tactical torch for a police officer, and airsoft operator or a military agent?

Nitecore has come up with its latest release – P20i Tactical Flashlight, specially designed for law enforcement. You will find out in this short review, all the reasons why P20i is highly suitable for your operator needs.

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Let’s start!

The most important feature that places this Nitecore torch ahead of other police lights is the easy user experience. You have direct one hand access to everything. When the light is OFF/ON long press the mode button to have instant access to Strobe Ready. You will be able to perform this operation without moving your hand position.

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There is no cylinder twist as other tactical torches to change the brightness level or the mode. That's why you have the power tactical tail switch button and the mode button near each other.

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That's a must have feature for a police torch or military torch, especially when used with a firearm or other police equipment.

The new tactical flashlight Nitecore P20i features a Luminus SST-40-W LED of 1800 lumens and 343m beam distance and 3 brightness levels:

·        Low – 35 lumens

·        Mid – 280 lumens

·        High – 1100 lumens

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 What else?

The Nitecore P20i is USB C RECHARGEABLE, with a 21700 battery Li-Ion i series, holding 50 hours of extended runtime on low level (35 lumens). The long runtime is a must for a police light, so it won't run out during operations.

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The NEW 21700 battery-i series enables a highly efficient output, is compatible with modular extensions of intelligent communications and controlling systems. The 21700 I Series Battery is a patent developed by Nitecore and it enables a highly efficient output by minimizing the loss of power due to internal resistance.

It features dual way output with positive and negative polarities at both ends and a high energy density. It is also compatible with conventional chargers, including Nitecore UMS2, UMS4, UI1, UI2 and more.

Brightness and runtime

Depending on what batteries does P20i function with, the runtime will vary.

Using the 4,000mAh 21700i Li-Ion battery included (recommended):

·        1800 lumens- 1h 30 min

·        280 lumens – 7h 15 min

·        35 lumens – 38h

Using 2x CR123 Batteries:

·        1100 lumens – 1h 15 min

·        280 lumens – 4h

·        35 lumens – 20h

The anti-impact reverse polarity protection mechanism is specially designed for shooting sports.

Super tactical pro use

P20i has a solid build and what makes it really practical and easy to use, is the high compatibility with a lot of tactical accessories.

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The strike bezel is made from high hardness silicon nitride ceramics, which enables an easy operation of self defense and glass breaking. The smooth surface doesn't dent to shocks either, like it often happens on other tactical torches.

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You can wear it on your tactical belt, attached with its tactical holster NTH20 or with the clip, on a shoulder mounter, or with Nitecore gun mounts. The slots present on the P20i are designed to be compatible with a tactical ring pro, making the operation nice and easy when you’re stable shooting and reloading. The pocket clip can be attached on your belt, pants, backpack or on the Molle system.

Let’s quickly recap what are the main tactical accessories you can use the P20i with:

·        Tactical holset NTH20 (included)

·        Pocket clip (included)

·        Lanyard (included)

·        NTR10 tactical ring pro

·        GM02MH Nitecore gun mount

·        GM03 Nitecore gun mount

·        GM04 Nitecore gun mount

·        Diffuser NDF32

·        Traffic wand NTW32

·        HRM2 helmet mount

·        TSL 10i Signal Light

The TSL10i features multiple flashing modes including white, blue, green, red and red/blue warning flashing. In special operations or quick deployments, the flashing colors are able to indicate different grouping or to enable quick identification on team members.

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You have an independent silica gel button for quick switching of different flashing modes.

Let’s recap also what a military torch or an airsoft torch should have:

  •        a one handed operation
  •         a strobe READY – instant access
  •         a long distance beam
  •         a hard bezel construction, so you can use it as a weapon by itself
  •         a quick draw holster
  •         good battery + runtime

To top that, it’s IP68 waterproof and dustproof.


  • Maximum output: 1800 lumens
  • LED: Luminus SST-40-W LED
  • Beam intensity: 29500 cd
  • Beam throw: 343 m
  • Maximum runtime: 38h depending on the brightness level
  • Light type/colour: White
  • Waterproof: IP68 waterproof and dust proof (2m submersible and resistant to water showers)
  • Impact resistance: up to 1m
  • head size: 31.8 mm
  • Length: 142.6 mm
  • Weight: 113.5 g
  • COMPATIBLE BATTERIES: 2 × CR123 ,1 x 21700i

These are all the reasons why Nitecore P20i rechargeable torch is probably the best police torch on the market so far.

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