Most useful headlamp beam colors and types

Most useful headlamp beam colors and types

Most useful headlamp beam colors and types. We’re going to talk about the 3 most common beam colors: white, red and green.

We’re going to talk about the 3 most common beam colors: white, red and green.

White light

White light is the main element on a headlamp, whether it’s more of a natural white, that resembles the sun light, or a more artificial white.

White lights are used for almost everything, except fishing, hunting or more precise activities, where you require color lights that are much less visible. Camping, hiking, walking, bike riding, caving, working are just the main activities to use a headlamp with a white light. White lights are known to drain the battery the fastest, and usually turbo modes, or special modes such as strobe, beacon, SOS, are made to function with white light. It’s the most disturbing type of light, if used for self defense, and a very useful light, when used on a mild brightness level.

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A good example of white, warm white and red light, is the HC65 headlamp, that’s one of our bestseller headlamps:

 Red light

The second most common type of light is the red light. This is a fantastic feature to have on your headlamp if you’re into activities such as: fishing, night photography, reading, or wildlife observation. It comes in very handy if you need to get out of your tent in the middle of the night, and move around the campsite, brushing your teeth, finding food or water, or doing whatever you need to do without waking your friends up.

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Besides this, red light is a must have for many of us, because of its beautiful red glow that’s just so comfortable and interesting to have. As you might know, red lights also keep the battery time longer, so it’s a useful color for emergencies as well.

Green light

Green is a type of color that’s less common but still liked by many outdoor enthusiasts. It’s even more easier on the eyes than red and white. Is mostly used by hunters, to see better and not intrude with a high level of brightness.

Moving on to the beam types...

You need to ask yourself what do you need your headlamp for. If you’re buying it without a specified purpose, than think of the type of activities you do most often. Do you need to illuminate a wide area surrounding you and the area in front of you, or do your need a thrower, that lets you see 300m ahead of you, in a more narrow spot?

The Flooder Headlamp - Wide beam

The wide beam is a great choice if you’re camping with your friends, because everyone in your area can enjoy it. It’s also great if you’re walking, running, night trekking or bike riding, because it can’t blind someone coming from the opposite direction.

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It can also be useful at car repairing, or any type of technician, industry constructor work.

The thrower – Spot beam

This is a type of beam that you want to have for your personal safety. It can be used for self defense, can scare away animals, or you can use it when you want to find trails in the dark.

The thrower beam is used on tactical torches as well, and serve good for police officers and hunters. You can find a thrower beam on headlamps too, especially on more solid ones, usually the ones that can be removed from the headband and used as a handheld flashlight too.

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This is a shot of the Nitecore MH27 tactical torch, that has a thrower beam.

The Nitecore HC33 headlamp is a good example of a strong 1800 lumens beam and a 187m thrower as well. You can read about more of its features here:

Strobe mode

The strobe mode has a bit more popularity in the tactical field, but sure, headlamps can have it too. A strobe mode is a blinking light, that’s a legitimate survival feature to have, and can save you in emergency situations, if you’re lost, or hurt and can’t continue on your own. People can see it from far away.

Thank you for reading this article, see you soon!

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